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Missing Woman Found Severely Injured with Throat Slit in Lucknow

A 35-year-old woman, who had gone missing on November 5, was discovered severely injured with her throat slit approximately 12 km from her residence in Lucknow, near a brick kiln. An attempted murder case (IPC 307) has been registered following a complaint from the victim’s father. The woman had disappeared with her friend Asma and informed the police that she was given a sedative-laced drink by Asma, leading to her loss of consciousness.

The case is currently under investigation, with CCTV footage being reviewed to reconstruct the events. The victim is married with two children but was living with her parents due to marital discord. Her parents reported her missing when she failed to return home, and she was later discovered by brick kiln workers in a dugout, severely injured and covered in blood. Doctors have advised against questioning her until she recovers.