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Pedestrian Safety Concerns Mount as Footpaths Remain Absent in Vijayawada

In Vijayawada, the absence of footpaths along major thoroughfares like Mahatma Gandhi Road and Karl Marx Road has raised significant safety concerns for pedestrians, particularly the elderly and students. While footpaths exist up to Benz Circle on MG Road, they are sporadic beyond that point, leaving pedestrians vulnerable to vehicular traffic.

The narrowness of many city roads further exacerbates the issue, making it challenging to accommodate footpaths. Vijayawada Municipal Corporation’s plans to extend footpaths are hindered by ongoing road construction projects and complaints about the slippery granite flooring used in some areas. Taxpayers’ Association has prioritized advocating for safer pedestrian infrastructure, emphasizing the need for footpaths in key areas like Governorpeta and Loyola College.

As the issue gains traction, it becomes a focal point for public representatives ahead of upcoming elections, highlighting the urgency of addressing pedestrian safety concerns in the city.