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Record Alcohol Sales During Kerala’s Onam Celebrations, Generating Significant Tax Revenue

Kerala witnessed an unprecedented surge in alcohol sales during the ten-day Onam celebrations that commenced on August 21, with sales reaching an all-time high of Rs 759 crore, as reported by Bevco, the state’s sole wholesaler of liquor and beer. Last year’s figures stood at Rs 700 crore. The festivities also brought substantial tax revenue to the state, with the government collecting an impressive Rs 675 crore in taxes from the alcohol sales.

Adding to the celebration, the state-run Travancore Sugars and Chemicals Limited’s Jawan Rum saw remarkable demand. The peak of the liquor sales was on the first day of Onam, registering Rs 116 crore in sales, with around six lakh people purchasing alcohol on that day. Overall, August witnessed a total liquor sale of Rs 1,799 crore, a notable increase from last year’s Rs 1,522 crore for the same month.