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Sholinganallur Residents Urge Closure of Dump and Restoration of Pallikaranai Marsh

Residents of Sholinganallur are calling for urgent action from the Greater Chennai Corporation to cease garbage dumping, particularly in the Pallikaranai Marsh. Once spanning 2,000 acres, the marsh has shrunk to less than 100 acres due to the development of commercial and residential properties, with a portion allocated for dumping.

The Perungudi dump, one of the largest, encroaches on the designated marsh, originally intended to serve as a flood buffer. The dump not only poses environmental risks but also jeopardizes public health through pollution and the leaching of inorganic materials, impacting the water table. Despite Sholinganallur’s substantial population of over 20 lakh, including the Information Technology Corridor, the dump remains a source of hardship. The residents’ welfare association strongly advocates for the shutdown of the dump and the restoration of the marsh.

In response, a senior official from the Chennai Corporation reveals plans for an ecopark to replace the Perungudi dump. The proposal has been drafted and submitted, with bio-mining initiatives underway to address over 1,000 tonnes of waste. However, residents emphasize the urgency of swift action to mitigate the ecological and health hazards posed by the dump.

Additionally, the proliferation of cattle on Mudichur High Road is causing traffic disruptions and posing risks to pedestrians. The road, a crucial arterial link connecting GST Road to Kancheepuram Highway, witnesses heavy traffic and residential developments. The recent fatality in Nanganallur, where an elderly man was gored by a buffalo, underscores the need for measures to manage the increasing cattle presence on the road.