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Sonia praises Rahul for ‘valiant’ campaign, ‘fearless leadership’

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Saturday lavishly praised Rahul Gandhi for his “valiant and relentless” campaign in the Lok Sabha elections and his “fearless leadership” in taking on the Modi government, to send the message that the party backed him fully and its workers wanted him to stay on as Congress President.

Addressing the Congress Parliamentary party here, the first since the Lok Sabha elections in which the party got only 52 seats – a marginal increase over 2014’s 44, she said several decisive measures to strengthen the party were being discussed, following the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting last week.

“In this time of crisis, we must acknowledge the numerous challenges confronting the Congress party. In an unprecedented crisis, lies an unprecedented opportunity. It is up to us to grasp it with humility and self-confidence, drawing the appropriate lessons from our defeat.

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