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Stray Cattle Issues Persist in Chennai Despite Crackdown

Despite the Greater Chennai Corporation’s (GCC) intensified efforts to address the problem of stray cattle, seizing 16 cows in just two days, the issue continues to persist. Another senior citizen, Kasthurirangan, 65, of T.P Koil Street, Triplicane, was recently attacked by a stray cow, adding to the growing concerns. Mayor R. Priya acknowledged that while the GCC has increased penalties for cattle owners allowing their animals to roam the streets, compliance remains a challenge.

She noted that nearly 3,000 families in the city rely on cattle rearing for their livelihood and urged them to control the practice of letting cows loose on the roads. GCC Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan led a cattle raid near Parthasarathy temple and inspected the pound in Pudupet. He revealed that 244 cows were captured in October and called for cooperation from cattle owners while suggesting that animal lovers feed cows in their sheds or adopt them rather than offering food on the streets.