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Torrential rain lashed Manali’s preferred destination of the tourist resort

The scenic tourist resort of Manali in Himachal Pradesh has suffered extensive damage due to heavy rainfall, transforming it into a landscape of rubble. Once a popular destination for travelers, Manali has been severely affected by the relentless downpour.

The region has experienced the full force of nature’s fury, with torrential rain causing widespread destruction. The Beas River valley, where Manali is located, has been particularly impacted by the heavy rainfall. The aftermath of the deluge has left the resort town in disarray, with infrastructure damaged and debris strewn across the area.

The local authorities are now faced with the task of assessing the extent of the damage and initiating restoration efforts. The unfortunate turn of events has disrupted the tranquil charm of Manali, highlighting the devastating impact of the severe weather conditions on this once-thriving tourist destination.