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Tragic Crime Unfolds in Etawah: Sisters Murdered Over Love Affair

In a tragic incident in Bahadurpur Village, Etawah, the peaceful afternoon turned sinister as Anjali, 18, murdered her two younger sisters, Surbhi and Roshni, aged 7 and 5, respectively, over their discovery of Anjali’s love affair with Aman. Anjali, in a fit of rage, used a shovel to fatally strike the younger girls who threatened to expose the relationship.

The crime echoed shades of passion-induced violence similar to the infamous Shabnam case in Amroha. Anjali, showing no remorse, attempted to conceal the murders, implicating her boyfriend Aman. The incident sheds light on the challenges posed by fixation on physical love among teenagers, leading to tragic outcomes driven by emotional impulsivity.