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Tragic Killing in South Delhi Amid Dispute Over Wife’s Job

In a heart-wrenching incident in South Delhi, a 50-year-old woman, Sushila, was allegedly murdered by her husband, Ved Prakash, following a heated argument regarding her pursuit of a job. The accused, characterized as naturally suspicious, had consistently opposed his wife’s desire to work outside their home. Sushila’s lifeless body showed signs of strangulation, with injuries including swelling on her right eyebrow, bruising on her right clavicle, and multiple nail marks around her neck.

The couple had a history of disputes, influenced by differences in religion (Christianity and Hinduism), and a previous domestic violence case filed by Sushila, later withdrawn due to social pressure. On the fateful day, the couple’s son, Akash, reported that he found his mother in an unconscious state, and his father admitted to strangulating her with a ‘dupatta’ during their altercation the previous night.

Ved Prakash has been arrested, and a case under section 302 IPC has been registered. This tragic incident sheds light on the underlying tensions within the family and the fatal consequences of such conflicts.