Samsung’s QLED 8K TV in India starts at around Rs 11 lakh

South Korean tech giant Samsung on Tuesday launched its new range of QLED 8K TVs in India starting at Rs 10,99,900.

Samsung said the new TV range will be available in four sizes – 98-inch, 82-inch, 75-inch and 65-inch.

They are priced at Rs 10,99,900 and Rs 16,99,900 for 75-inch and 82-inch variants respectively. The 98-inch variant is priced at Rs 59,99,900.

The price of the 65-inch variant, which will be available in July, will be announced shortly, Samsung said.

The South Korean tech giant said its QLED 8K TVs come with 33 million pixels, four times the resolution of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs and 16 times that of a Full HD TV.

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