Technology – Boon or Bane

The simplest form of technology is the development of using the basic tool. At first, the development of technology included television, telephone, and the internet through which we can communicate. We know that technology has made human life more comfortable. Technology is one of the greatest innovations, and other than communication, it is emerging in various fields such as education, science, Agriculture, computer, etc.

The technology reduced the work time via the machine. It promotes creativity in human beings. In biotechnology, medicines are developed through technology, and nowadays, performing surgeries became easier. In agriculture, technology plays a role to help farmers locate underground water bodies and forecast rain. Genetic research is also in its developing path due to the evolution in technology. We achieved many impossible things through our technology. The computer invention made a miracle to human life.

Despite all the boons, there is a debate that the use of technology is worsening life on earth. Every story has two sides, the technology is improving and at the same time, it produces unwanted products which cause pollution to our environment. Before 10 years, there will be only one vehicle in a family and now each member has a vehicle. One telephone at each home was replaced by mobile phones for each member of the family. The world is suppressed by gadgets. The excessive use of anything is dangerous. Though technology eased the work procedures, it led to unemployment.

Human life is made impossible without this technology as we started to depend on technology. We should never let anything dominate life and its normal routine. The technology should be used when it is required. A lot more innovations are yet to come and hope the technology doesn’t overtake the world like the terminator movie.

Be conscious and use the technology wisely!!