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Article 15- Movie Review

In one word, “Article 15” is spellbinding. It is everything that cinema was always meant to be. Thoughprovoking, questioning, disturbing and ultimately cathartic because the cop-hero (played with a simmering intensity by Ayushmann Khurrana) succeeds in getting justice for the wronged.

In real life it is different, though. And in giving the underdogs of the film a satisfying closure Director Anubhav Sinha (who has clearly turned a new leaf after Mulk) and his co-Writer(Gaurav Solanki) remind us that happy endings are for the movies, and that we are getting one here because, hey, no matter how authentic, “Article 15″ is a film after all.

Before anything more, I must say it is hard to believe the level of political credibility and social conscientiousness Anubhav Sinha”s cinema has acquired after “Mulk”. “Article 15” goes even further than “Mulk” in search of the truth that lies underneath the veneer of fairness and justice for all.

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