Add glow to festive celebrations with lights

Be it lanterns, floor lamps or chandeliers, lights are the perfect accessory to enhance the look of your home and add positive vibe to the celebrations.

Ranbir Mehra, Director, Jaquar Lighting and Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder, DBEL Studio, tell how:

* Lanterns are a must for the festive season as they are a blend of design style. Lanterns are extremely versatile as they can be hung or placed on the floor for decoration, giving a creative and vibrant look to your surroundings.

* Look for unique fixtures to draw attention and add grace to the area. If something feels incomplete, even after you’ve decorated, chances are your lighting situation is to blame. Replacing a standard frosted glass pendant light or a boring brass chandelier with something unique and tailored for your style will instantly pull together all the elements of a room and highlight the architecture of a home.

Add an extra touch of luxury to elaborate the room with a double chandelier. Floral chandeliers are a bold choice, but they can look stunning in rooms with simple decor and furniture. Look for fixtures made from hand-blown glass that feature elegantly swooping stems and delicate buds to add impact to a plain dining room.

* Pendant lights are the perfect addition to any area of the home. Not only do they provide task lighting, but they also continue the style of the space. Use stainless steel shades for a sleek contemporary look or colourful ones for an eclectic style. Mix old with new. A vintage touch with industrial hanging lights, keeps the surrounding updated making it look royal yet elegant.

* Floor lamps are easy to integrate in any division, you just have to choose one and see even the darkest corner of your house glowing. They are extremely flexible and can be used to illuminate a bedroom, a living room or even a dining room.

* Turn off your main overhead lights and create warm pools of light instead.

* If you prefer clean, modern lines and minimalist home decor, embellish your space with lots of metal hurricane lanterns sculpted along geometric lines. When lit up with fairy lights or the warmth of candles they add festive sparkle to your home.

* If you love bohemian decor, use the Moroccan-style lantern with vibrant tea-light holders and glassware in electric shades of pink, purple and orange.

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