Spice up your office desk this festive season

You probably spend more than 40 plus hours in a week at your office desk, so personalizing your space with things that make you happy and inspire you will surely help you boost up that productivity.

Harpreet Ahluwalia, owner of Earthly Creations and Madhu Kotiya have shared tips on how to spice up your office desk this festive season.

* Start the decoration process by cleaning your desk. This may sound obvious, but not every one of us is a cleanliness freak. Dust the area using wet wipes or a washable duster to set for further decoration process.

* Adding plants in your working area increase the productivity by 15 per cent. Bringing the nature inside can help clean the air, improve your mood and increase your happiness. If you are not very keen on watering the plants everyday, then you can try plants like succulent.

* Another way to spice up your desk area is using glass jar or bottles. More and more people are trying their hands at decorating used glass jar or containers. It is a small step towards reducing waste. One can simply make some modern art or Warli paintings, to say, and liven up the art by putting colourful lights into the bottle.

* It is very adorable and cute when you put up pictures of your family members. You can pin up 1-2 pictures on the board, or frame it and keep on the desk. This will give a sense of being close to your loved ones. Make sure you don’t overdo with the pictures as it will take away the seriousness of a professional life.

* Considering vaastu, while decorating your office desk? In such a case, the placement of your desk is crucial as it will help in achieving your goals and make your work productive. First and foremost, clean and arrange your desk for positive energy. Secondly, make sure you are seated in a position that allows you to see the door and anyone is entering or leaving. If you cannot move your desk in this position then place a mirror that will allow you to see if anybody is entering your cabin/cubicle. Lastly, surround yourself with positive images or quotes, this because every time you glance through your space your mind will reinforce your goals.

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