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Bangladesh Reports 21 Dengue Deaths in a Single Day, Highest in 2023

Bangladesh has recorded 21 dengue fatalities in a single day, marking the highest daily death toll this year, according to the Health Ministry. On Wednesday, the country reported 3,015 new dengue cases and 21 new deaths, bringing the total case count to 176,810 and the death toll to over 850 for the year. In September alone, 53,002 dengue cases have been recorded, following 71,976 in August and 43,854 in July.

The total number of deaths included 274 in September, 342 in August, and 204 in July. The country has seen 165,680 recoveries this year, with 2,833 new recoveries reported in the last 24 hours. The June-September monsoon period is the peak season for dengue fever in Bangladesh, a country prone to the mosquito-borne disease.