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California Water Regulator Accuses Nestle of Illegally Diverting Water for Over a Century

California’s water regulator has accused Nestle, the beverage corporation, of illegally diverting and bottling water from mountain springs for more than 100 years. The bottled water, sold under the Arrowhead brand with the label “Since 1894,” has been a household name. Nestle sold its bottled water business in 2021, which now operates under the name BlueTriton Brands.

The California State Water Resources Control Board has ordered the company to cease drawing water for bottling from most of its collection sites in the San Bernardino Mountains by November 1, with a 30-day window for appeal. The investigation began in 2015 after numerous complaints and a petition alleging unauthorized water diversion and unreasonable water use.

After an eight-year investigation, the board concluded that BlueTriton lacked the necessary permissions. The company disputes this and plans to sue to block the order.