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Chennai Metro Rail Ltd.’s (CMRL) phase II project, Thirumayilai Metro Station will be a final station to open in 2028

Thirumayilai Metro Station, located 115 feet below the ground, is set to be the final station to open in 2028. Its underground depth highlights the engineering marvel involved in constructing the metro network. The station’s completion in 2028 signifies the culmination of a comprehensive metro project.

Thirumayilai Metro Station’s opening will mark a significant milestone in expanding the city’s public transportation infrastructure. The depth of the station underscores the commitment to providing efficient and convenient transport options for commuters.

The opening of Thirumayilai Metro Station will enhance connectivity and ease congestion in the city, benefiting residents and visitors alike. The completion of the metro project demonstrates the long-term vision and planning to meet the growing transportation needs of the city.