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Chennai Water Board to Launch Mobile App for Complaints on Infrastructure Projects

Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) is gearing up to enhance its complaint redressal mechanism by introducing a mobile application and upgrading the online grievance system to accommodate ongoing projects’ concerns. This new initiative, set to be launched by the end of September, expands the existing water supply and sewage-related complaint system to encompass ongoing infrastructure projects.

The mobile app will enable users to track and provide feedback on complaints, as well as offer ratings for resolved issues. Previously, complaints were limited to water supply and sewage matters, with the area engineer responsible for addressing them. However, the revamped system will allow multiple officials, including the chief engineer, to simultaneously monitor and address complaints across different zones of the city.

Additionally, the platform will integrate data from various sources, including social media, and auto-generate a complaint number for easy tracking. The new approach seeks to enhance transparency and responsiveness in addressing consumer grievances.