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Imran Khan Raises Privacy Concerns During Prison Term in Attock Jail

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, currently serving his prison term in Attock jail, has brought to light several serious challenges he is facing, as revealed during a routine inspection by a sessions judge on August 15. Khan’s concerns were centered around a CCTV camera installed directly in front of his cell, leaving him with no privacy.

The camera’s placement even covered the open bathroom area, causing Khan to express grave concern about the violation of his privacy while using the facilities. He also highlighted the difficulties faced by his wife and lawyers in accessing him.

The judge’s report affirmed the validity of Khan’s concerns, citing violations of prison rules. Following the inspection, the superintendent assured corrective action and reaffirmed Khan’s access to legal counsel and family members. Reports of Khan’s situation have sparked outrage among supporters and rights activists who view the actions as deliberate and aimed at undermining his privacy rights.