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India’s Lunar Success Celebrated at UN, Emphasizes Global Cooperation and Gender Equity

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, lauded India’s successful Chandrayaan-3 moon mission as a historic moment for both India and humanity. She highlighted India’s achievement of being the first country to land on the moon’s South Pole and its significance for uncharted lunar exploration. The mission aligns with India’s space cooperation goals, promoting science education and women-led growth.

Kamboj underlined that a significant number of female scientists were involved in the mission, reflecting India’s commitment to gender equity and Sustainable Development Goal 5. The UN Secretary-General and General Assembly President congratulated India, while the US Permanent Representative emphasized deepening US-India space cooperation. Kamboj suggested the success could encourage other countries, especially those from the Global South, to aspire to similar feats.

On expanding cooperation, she referred to India’s numerous space agreements and projects, including Chandrayaan-3, showcasing India’s global engagement in space exploration.