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Instagram Feud Turns Fatal: Minor Boy Murdered in Karnataka’s Belagavi District

A tragic incident unfolded in Karnataka’s Belagavi district as a dispute that originated on Instagram resulted in the murder of a minor boy. On September 26, in the jurisdiction of the Kittur police station, 17-year-old Prajwal Sunkada lost his life in a violent altercation. Sunkada, a resident of Mallapura village, had an active presence on Instagram.

The assailants had created a fake account in a girl’s name and began sending messages to Sunkada. When he discovered the deception, Sunkada confronted them, using strong language. This led to a heated argument, during which the attackers, armed with machetes, assaulted Sunkada. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Sunkada succumbed to his injuries. Three minor boys have been detained in connection with the incident, and one person has been arrested.