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Major Seizure of Banned Tobacco Products in Chennai

A significant operation conducted by the R.K. Nagar police in Chennai resulted in the seizure of over 2,100 kg of banned tobacco products from a private godown in Ambattur. Four primary dealers were arrested. The police teams, acting on orders from the Additional Commissioner of Police, North, have been actively pursuing those involved in manufacturing, smuggling, and selling banned tobacco products. During their surveillance near Ezhil Nagar and Nehru Nagar 6th Street junction in Tondiarpet, the police inspected an autorickshaw after its occupants provided evasive replies.

The search of the vehicle uncovered gutkha and other concealed tobacco products, leading to the arrest of the two individuals. The investigation revealed a larger operation where the arrested duo, along with others, had rented a godown in Ambattur. In the godown, they hoarded banned tobacco products sourced from other states and distributed them to shops in the city. The seized items included 2,176 kg of tobacco products, ₹23 lakh in cash, an autorickshaw, and two motorcycles.

The suspects have been remanded in judicial custody, and a search has been launched for another suspect who is in hiding. In a separate operation, SRMC police seized 470 kg of tobacco products in Kancheepuram, and the Kothawalchavadi police arrested two individuals and confiscated 539.15 kg of gutkha.