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Police Baton Charge to Control Crowd at Bhojpuri Musical Event in Bihar

In an attempt to control a large and unruly crowd during a Bhojpuri musical event in Bihar’s Nalanda district, police resorted to a baton charge early on Thursday. The musical night, organized by BJP leader Mahendra Yadav in Islampur block, had initially been running smoothly and was inaugurated by former Union Minister R.C.P. Singh, with BJP MLA Prem Kumar also in attendance.

However, around 2 a.m. on Thursday, the crowd became uncontrollable, leading to the police intervention. Following the baton charge, the organizers decided to cancel the event to prevent further untoward incidents. Hilsa SDPO Krishna Murari commented that the event was organized in Islampur, but he was unaware of the specific details regarding the baton charge.