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Power Outages and Storm Chaos Hit South Australia

Severe thunderstorms wreaked havoc in South Australia, leaving thousands without power on Tuesday. The state capital, Adelaide, and its suburbs saw over 7,000 premises plunged into darkness due to a powerful lightning storm, though this was an improvement from the initial 14,000 affected. The Bureau of Meteorology reported that most areas of the city experienced 10 to 20 mm of rain, while the suburb of Brownhill Creek recorded a staggering 45.8 mm in just one hour.

October’s total rainfall for Adelaide was only 11.6 mm. The storm’s impact extended beyond power disruptions, causing home damage and prompting warnings against travel. Adelaide Airport had to suspend flights, and a severe thunderstorm warning, anticipating intense rainfall and flash flooding, remained in effect. The State Emergency Service advised residents to avoid flooded areas and stay indoors, emphasizing caution due to traffic light outages and flooded roads reported across the region.