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Safety Concerns in Bengaluru: Software Professionals Chased and Threatened in Sarjapur

A disturbing incident in Bengaluru’s Sarjapur has raised safety concerns as software professionals, including three women, were chased and threatened by hooligans after an alleged accident. The incident, reported by Srijan R. Shetty on social media, highlighted the need for enhanced security in certain parts of the city post 10 p.m. Shetty’s wife, one of the victims, displayed quick thinking by calling the police and summoning friends to the location, preventing a potentially dire outcome.

The incident involved the car being chased by a group of men for several kilometers, demanding the occupants step out for alleged damage. The situation escalated when tempo drivers joined in, and none of the bystanders intervened.

The incident underscores the urgency for improved safety measures and increased patrolling in areas like Sarjapur, which has witnessed similar incidents in the past. Shetty expressed the need for a collective effort to address and curb such menaces in the city.