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Tangedco and Tantransco aim to receive uninterrupted power supply

Tangedco and Tantransco officials have received instructions to ensure uninterrupted power supply during VVIP visits in the state. The directive aims to prevent any power disruptions or outages during important events and visits by high-profile individuals.

The focus on maintaining a reliable power supply emphasizes the importance of uninterrupted electricity for smooth functioning and security during VVIP engagements. Tangedco and Tantransco officials are expected to deploy necessary resources and implement contingency plans to avoid any power-related issues during these visits.

The instructions highlight the government’s commitment to providing a seamless and uninterrupted power supply during crucial events. The efforts made by the power authorities reflect their dedication to ensuring the smooth functioning of essential services during VVIP visits. The directive underscores the significance of a reliable electricity supply for maintaining public safety and operational efficiency.