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Tomato Prices Surge in Chennai’s Koyambedu Market Due to Reduced Arrivals and Heavy Rains

With a significant reduction in the number of tomatoes arriving in Chennai’s Koyambedu market, South India’s largest vegetable market, the price of tomatoes has skyrocketed to Rs 170 per kilogram in the retail market and outskirts. The rain in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is being held responsible for the limited supply, leading to higher wholesale prices ranging from Rs 120 to Rs 130 per kilogram.

R.K. Kuppusamy, a wholesale trader, stated that the market used to receive around 800 tonnes of tomatoes on alternate days, but this has sharply decreased to 250 tonnes. The crop damage in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, caused by heavy rain in recent weeks, has led to the scarcity of tomatoes. Consequently, people are shying away from purchasing the vegetable, resulting in reduced consumption.