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Woman Arrested for Using Fake Air Ticket to Enter Bengaluru Airport

In a bizarre incident, a woman named Harpit Kaur Saini was apprehended at the Bengaluru International Airport after allegedly entering with a counterfeit air ticket to bid farewell to her friend, Ayush Sharma. The accused successfully navigated the Pre-Embarkation Security Check (PESC) to accompany her friend but later claimed her laptop was lost.

Security personnel, growing suspicious, scrutinized her air ticket and discovered it to be fake. A complaint was promptly filed with the Bengaluru International Airport Police, resulting in the registration of an FIR. Preliminary investigations suggest that the accused was instructed to cancel the ticket by security personnel, who then verified its fraudulent nature at a private airline company kiosk.

The woman reportedly created the fake e-ticket to gain unauthorized access to the airport terminal. She has been arrested, and further investigations are underway to unveil the motives behind this unusual attempt to breach airport security protocols.