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”Narcos: Mexico” season 2- Series Review

It is easy to see what “Narcos: Mexico” season 2 lacks. Just like season 1, it lacks Pablo Escobar. There are characters that transcend the space of fiction, to end up leaving the stamp of either cult status or sustaining popularity of the cinematic effort they belong to. The Wagner Moura-enacted Colombian drug baron Escobar did both, for the original “Narcos” series.

Aided by imaginative storytelling, Moura”s Escobar set a high yardstick for the template of crime drama and criminal protagonists on screens small and big — one that even its spin-off series, “Narcos: Mexico”, has struggled to live up to once the story moved on beyond the Escobar saga.

“Narcos: Mexico 2″ isn”t a bad show. Only, it triggers off a sense of deja vu, in the sense that it leaves you with the same impression you had after watching the first season of this spin-off series. You begin to realise, like every sequel film or series, this season too is basically all about cashing in on the huge fan following that the original “Narcos” seasons has garnered all over the world.

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