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Fast-Spreading Wildfire Prompts Evacuations and Road Closures in Texas

A rapidly spreading wildfire near Huntsville, Texas, has led to evacuations and the closure of a highway, as reported by emergency authorities. The “Game Preserve Fire” in Walker County, initially estimated at 100 acres (0.4 square km), grew to approximately 1,200 acres (4.85 square km) by evening. It was only 10 percent contained at that time.

Residents within 4.83 km of Lost Indian Camp Road were asked to evacuate, and a 10.5 km stretch of highway FM247 was closed. Texas has been experiencing a high risk of wildfires due to persistent triple-digit temperatures and minimal rainfall over the past two months, with over 12 active wildfires being monitored by the Texas Forest Service. The wildfire threat is expected to remain high during the US Labor Day weekend.