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Mint Street Road Conditions Worsen Amid Ongoing SWD Construction

Mint Street, a bustling business hub in George Town, is grappling with deteriorating road conditions exacerbated by the ongoing stormwater drain (SWD) construction. The heavily trafficked street from Mint Clock Tower to Park Town has been in a state of disrepair for almost a year, causing inconvenience to commuters.

While some segments of the SWD construction are complete, road relaying has lagged, leading to increased difficulty for drivers, especially during peak hours. Trenches dug for SWD work lack safety measures, posing risks to pedestrians and motorists due to protruding iron bars.

Residents have expressed concerns about the sluggish progress and are urging the Greater Chennai Corporation to expedite the work, also pointing out the need for repairs in bylanes like Elephant Gate Street and Adhiyappan Street. An official stated that road work would proceed in areas where SWD construction is not ongoing and assured completion of SWD work by September 30.