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The corporation plans to move solid waste to Kodungaiyur

The Corporation has ambitious plans to transform solid waste management at Kodungaiyur. It aims to establish an integrated wet and dry waste processing plant in the area. This plant is expected to address the longstanding issue of legacy waste and reduce the burden on the existing dump yard. By effectively managing both wet and dry waste, the Corporation hopes to improve the overall waste management system in Kodungaiyur.

The proposed plant will utilize advanced technologies to process and treat the waste, promoting sustainable waste management practices. This initiative is part of the Corporation’s larger vision to create a cleaner and greener environment in the city.

The integrated waste processing plant is expected to significantly contribute to reducing pollution, minimizing the health risks associated with improper waste disposal, and improving the quality of life for residents in Kodungaiyur. The Corporation’s proactive approach to solid waste management reflects its commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation.