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Porunai Museum construction work begins in Tirunelveli district by PWD

The Public Works Department has commenced construction on the Porunai archaeological museum in Tirunelveli district, with a budget of ₹33.02 crore. Spanning 13.02 acres in Kulavanigarpuram, the museum will exhibit around 9,000 artifacts unearthed from Adichanallur, Korkai, and Sivakalai sites.

Covering an area of approximately 54,296 sq. ft., the museum will feature separate sections for artifacts from each archaeological site, alongside an administrative block. The single-storeyed Sivakalai Gallery, Adhichanallur Gallery, and Korkai Gallery will have Mangalore tiled roofs and sloped concrete roofs.

Additionally, a separate structure will house crafts workshops, showcasing and selling handicrafts from the region. Handicraft demonstrations will be organized to promote the local arts, as per officials.